每日翻譯第61期:汪星人期望主人做的7件事Seven Things Dogs Really Want Their Owners to Do

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今日翻譯的素材來自小e英語短文欄目,主題介紹了“Seven Things Dogs Really Want Their Owners to Do”汪星人期望主人做的7件事;每日一譯,提升自己。

All dogs want some me-time and maybe you are not offering them enough of it.

Since dogs want to have a sense of belonging, giving them a pride of place on the mantle or as a part of your gallery wall, so that you are both reminded of the special bond you both share.

According to a survey, every dog does want a treat during holidays.

Your dog needs a perfect place to sleep the same you need the perfect bed for a comfortable rest.

As per Elle Décor’s designer Kelly Behun every dog would desire an appropriate smell in form of a scented candle.

It is important to give dogs their toys and a survey shows that toys rank second as what dogs really want from their owners.

By offering your dog outdoor activities, you also offer it an opportunity for it to socialize and prevent it from becoming fearful and possibly aggressive.

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