每日翻譯第60期:和音樂人拍拖的9大驚喜Nine Amazing Things About Dating A Musician

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今日翻譯的素材來自小e英語短文欄目,主題介紹了“Nine Amazing Things About Dating A Musician”和音樂人拍拖的9大驚喜,每日一譯,提升自己。

Regardless of how complicated or uncomplicated the libretto are, you have a whole song dedicated to you, and is displayed by your musician partner, and their band!

It doesn’t matter in what situation you are in, I mean, whether you are cooking, or dressing up for a party, or even taking a small break from your work at home, your partner would harmonize their instrument, and play you multiple music.

Whenever, and wherever they are playing, or not playing, you have the privilege to access the backstage, and meet your other favorite music stars.

They are so talented that they write their own lyrics, and compose their own songs.

Because they have to coordinate with their band so that whatever music they produce must be perfect, it seems that outside of their “jamming”, they perfectly correlate, especially with their partners.

Whenever your beloved musician is around you, take one fact for guaranteed: you are not getting bored!

Their concentration flows into their private life as well, making them devote more on you.

They usually don’t complain much, which can mean two things: one, either they are super cool, and gives you enough space as not to muddle in your private affairs, unless, you ask for their help; two, they simply daze out, pretending to listen to you throughout.

They will make sure their music is perfect, and they will also make sure their relationship with their partner is perfect.

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