每日翻譯第57期:怎樣克服拖延癥How to Overcome Procrastination

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今日翻譯的素材來自小e英語短文欄目,主題介紹了“How to Overcome Procrastination”怎樣克服拖延癥,每日一譯,提升自己。

If you want to succeed in managing your tasks and fighting procrastination, you are to focus on the things which are prior.

Visual board is considered to be the most efficient way to motivate you in arduous situations,and you’ll be able to observe this set of dreams hundred times a day.

Sometimes we engage ourselves with challenging tasks and feel upset if something is wrong; not to get in such a trap, start doing small things and then move to the next level and deal with more challenging ones.

Have a plan and try to concentrate directly on the task you need to do; don’t let anything distract you.

Get up earlier and you’ll be able to increase your chances in the battle with procrastination.

Do not try to be a Caesar and combine your task with different amusements.

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